Brassy Parade, Brassey Avenue, Eastbourne

Development Type: Residential / Commercial

Bright Plan were commissioned to provide transport planning advice and assessment for a mixed-use development at Brassey Parade, Brassey Avenue, Hampden Park. Bright Plan supported the development through the provision of a Design Assessment, a Transport Statement, and Travel Planning services. The development entailed a 2-storey extension to the existing building to provide 24 apartments, whilst retaining existing commercial units, and apartments.

The site’s parking provision fell short of the Local Highway Authority’s parking standards requiring Bright Plan to demonstrate the suitability of the proposed car parking provision.  Through liaison with the local highway authority Bright Plan were able to agree a strategy to justify the provision which included: - 


  • Parking surveys of the local road network to establish the potential for overspill parking on-street parking; 


  • Re-configuration of the proposed parking arrangements to maximise onsite parking provision; and 


  • The demonstration of the site’s accessibility credentials to establish the potential for non-car travel.

The site’s accessibility credentials were enhanced through the provision of a Travel Plan. The Travel Plan set out initiatives and measures that would facilitate a further reduction in private car trips to and from the site by future residents.

Services Provided: Design Assessment, Transport Statement, Highways Pre-application Meeting, Travel Plan


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